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Manage your projects & tasks with your team easily

Stay on track with all your projects with Peerbie’s project management features. Create your own customised workflows to fit specific the needs of your organisation’s projects.

Stay connected with your team

Stay connected with all your co workers. Create 1-1 or group chats to discuss about projects and tasks. Eliminate miscommunication by real time seamless communication through out the company. Either on desktop or on the go with Peerbie mobile app

Stay updated with your team

Explore dynamic multi purpose feed feature, collaborate together by scrolling a specially curated company feed. Get instant updates on projects and team workloads or create polls to gather feedback

Automate your updates, docs or tasks, collaborate easier and faster

Your feed is designed either for your sharings or your automated posts. Get latest updates about your team and projects with smart posts


Frequently asked questions.

What are some features/tools which set Peerbie apart?

Peerbie revolutionizes the way teams collaborate, a dynamic company feed to foster collaboration, and automated posts providing real time team updates. Built in features like performance tracking, employee wellness and detailed insights sets you and your team on the right track for productivity

How do I choose the right Tool for my organization?
How do I manage different projects under one tool?
Does Peerbie offer any programs for small scale companies/Startups?

Start your productivity journey with Peerbie

Start Your Productivity Journey with Peerbie