Boosting Your Peerbie Metrics

Top tips to help you drive adoption and engage

To get the most out of  Peerbie, you want all of your colleagues to be active and engaged. Getting everyone there can be a challenge, but luckily you have a wealth of data available in the Insights section of the Admin Panel to help you track, measure, and understand your Peerbie ’s health. We’ve pulled together a list of top tips that you can use to improve key metrics.


Activated: The number of people who have accepted the invitation to join Peerbie  and have activated their profiles. To get the most impact out of Peerbie, you’re going to want this number to be at at least 80% with a goal of 100%.

Top tips:

• Send weekly activation reminders via Peerbie  to all invited but not yet activated accounts.

• Send a personalized activation message from the CEO. When leadership takes an active role in promoting Peerbie , the rest of your organization tends to get on board. Using email may be your best option and you can do a mail merge to personalize the message.

Monthly Active: The number of people who were active on Peerbie  in the last 28 days. A person is considered active on a specific day if they have used Peerbie  on any device.

Top tips:

  • Hold monthly Video Conference sessions with the CEO. Monthly Live Q&As are guaranteed to bring more of your colleagues into Peerbie  each month. Live Q&A sessions give your employees a unique opportunity to engage in dialogue with leaderships in a public forum. Make Peerbie  the only place where they can join and be sure to promote the event using all of your communication teams.

  • Move all company announcements to WorkSpace and use your corporate teams such as email to inform staff when announcements are made, linking them to Peerbie  to find out more.

Retained: The number of people who were active on Peerbie  on at least 10 days of the last 28 days. Data shows that 85% of Retained people are still active after 6 months, so this metric is key to assessing the health of your Peerbie  after launch.

Top tips:

  • Enlist the support of people managers in moving all team and project communication to Peerbie . People managers are incredibly influential, when they move their team’s communication to Peerbie  their direct reports follow suit. Share learning resources with people managers such as the People Manager Guide and Managing a Project in Peerbie  to help them understand how they can use Peerbie  to centralize communication and get more done with their team.

  • Make Peerbie  the default homepage on all computers. Seeing conversations and collaboration on Peerbie  will encourage more people to jump in and get involved.

People Across Peerbie: This table shows the number of invited, activated, monthly, weekly, and daily activities, and retained people across the WorkSpace. Use these metrics to analyze Peerbie  use across segments of your organization.

Top tips:

• Get creative with friendly competitions! Use the data in the People Across WorkSpace table to set up activation competitions across teams and departments.

• Use the table to identify low-performing teams and departments and set up training sessions to teach employees how Peerbie  can benefit them.

Active on App and Platforms: Mobile opens up opportunities for people to stay connected no matter where they are. We’ve found that people who use mobile apps are twice as likely to use Peerbie every day.

There’s no one size fits for these metrics. Your monthly posts and comments will depend on the number of people using Peerbie  at your organization.

Top tips:

• Go Live in your Company Announcements team to recognize and reward your top contributors. By publicly recognizing employees for their Peerbie  activity you incentivize more of your colleagues to join the conversation.

• Have your champions create open to feedback and announcement teams for their teams and departments and encourage them to post in these teams regularly, as well as to comment and interact with posts made by their colleagues.

• Create a company-wide team where employees can share news, market trends, opinion pieces, and other industry-related blurbs with one another.

• Create a designated team where employees feel empowered and encouraged to share brilliant ideas and helpful criticisms. Teams like “Product Feedback” and “Big Ideas” can engage employees and help you gain valuable feedback from across your organization.


The Posts tab allows you to see how an individual post in a team is performing. Track the number of people who have seen, read, commented, or reacted to the post, and how people feel about it. Use these insights to inform future communications.

Top tips:

• Format your posts: People are generally put off by large blocks of text.

• Add images: Visuals get people’s attention, use them often to amplify your posts.

• Share videos: Most people retain information better through video than through reading. This makes video content an incredibly efficient and engaging tool for your internal communications. And with automatic captioning, your video content is more accessible and easier to consume.

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