Early Champions and Training

Champions are early adopters who help you shape your Peerbie community.


Champions are a key part of your Peerbie launch. They are the early adopters who help shape your Peerbie community and the behaviors you want to see within it. You can think of Champions as the Peerbie ambassadors inside the company who make your launch experience richer and easier.

They will help build your community by creating teams and adding content prior to inviting the rest of your organization. By activating your network of champions, you can focus on the strategic parts of the launch such as vision, messaging and gathering use cases.


You should aim to select 10-20% of your organization as Champions to create a meaningful and welcoming Peerbie when you fully launch. These Champions need to be a representative sample of your organization. All departments, locations, generations, and levels of management should be represented in your Champions Group.

Your Champions should also be chosen for their influence within your organization and early adopter behaviors (network savvy, visionary, motivator). It can be particularly powerful to bring on people managers who can immediately influence working behaviors within their teams.

Tactical how to


  • Champions should be given early access (we recommend 7-10 days) to help prepare the community for launch day. With context around your goals and the content that would be helpful for employees in groups, your champions can create teams and post content to ensure a welcoming user experience for all your coworkers. They can also help share key information about the arrival of Peerbie to build excitement.

  • Host a training session with champions to walk them through the key Peerbie features and your messaging for deploying Peerbie. Create a Peerbie team for all Champions where you can share important campaign actions and new use cases for them to use within their teams.


  • Champions are key to getting all coworkers to activate their accounts. As early experts, they can share knowledge and raise awareness regarding Peerbie’s features and embed your communication campaign at a local level.

Post Launch

  • Champions continue to play an active role in Peerbie engagement campaigns during post-launch. They allow you to reach and inspire all your coworkers, especially the ones that are lagging behind in engagement. We’ve seen a lot of success in engagement with champions leading contests by region or department to boost claims through friendly competition.

  • Continue champion involvement in Peerbie initiatives and campaigns after launch, and use your champions to be your eyes and ears, seeking examples of use cases on Peerbie. Your champions should feel empowered to share these use cases in your champions team which you can then share across the whole organization.

Key takeaways

  • Champions that are bought into why you’re deploying Peerbie will be more effective at conveying the excitement and mission – give them an incentive and ownership over certain teams, which will empower them to promote community and engagement with their coworkers.

  • It takes a village to build community – the more passionate early adopters, the better. You can share the responsibility of creating teams and adding content with the whole champions team in the run-up to your launch day.

  • The launch is just the beginning – champions will need to help their colleagues on launch day, but you should encourage them to stay engaged and report ideas and suggestions back to the project team to continue evolving how you use Peerbie.