Launch Communication Strategy

Build up excitement for your launch and help employees onboard to Peerbie.


Educating your coworkers on why Peerbie is being launched and how it will be used is key for long-term adoption and buy-in at all levels. A clear plan with communications before, during, and after launch will help you onboard your employees faster.


We recommend creating a plan that has three phases:


Inform your coworkers that Peerbie is coming, highlight the benefits of Peerbie and drive excitement for launch day. Reassure people that Peerbie is a work platform that they are encouraged to use during work time. Leaders are best placed to do this.


Bring everyone onto Peerbie. Explain how your coworkers can join in – this includes providing clear guidance and steps for people to access Peerbie in the way that best suits their role.

Post Launch

Continue to educate your organization on how they can use Peerbie in their everyday roles. Provide examples and demonstrations of the value everyone will gain from Peerbie; this involves examples of current working practices they might move into the platform, but also inspiration of new, more efficient ways of working from other organizations.

Tactical how to


In the run-up to launch, it is important to announce that Peerbie is coming soon, and explain why it is a significant change for the organization. This typically involves a series of communications from leaders giving details on when and why Peerbie is launching. You can send this pre-launch communication via various teams such as emails, in your newsletter, posters throughout the office, and video B-roll through on-site screens are a few ways to build excitement through your communications.

At Launch

The objective is to provide clear guidance and steps for how each employee can claim their account in a way that is appropriate for their role. Those who work in a store will most likely need instructions on how to install and login through the mobile app, versus a desk worker who will be using email and their browser.

We recommend using all of your current communications teams to ensure all your employees are aware of the launch on the launch day. You should consider digital teams, print media, in-person meetings, and Peerbie help booths onsite in your offices.

Post Launch

Launching Peerbie is just the beginning. Once everyone has joined the platform, you have a universal opportunity to include the whole organization in different types of celebrations and moments to kick-start the value everyone will gain from Peerbie.

In the first 4-6 weeks, we recommend running a regular series of communications on Peerbie to maintain activity and engagement while people develop new habits to sign in regularly. We recommend engaging your leaders as part of an engagement campaign such as highlighting connectedness through Peerbie, inviting innovation and ideas from everyone, celebrating your culture, or re-aligning your co-workers to a single company mission. In addition, providing a series of helpful tips on using Peerbie is effective, particularly around notifications, teams, profiles, and types of posts.

Key takeaways

  • Identify your current communication teams – accounting for each of your online or digital teams (intranet, SMS, tv screens, device homepages), print media (posters, hand-outs, physical stands), and face to face teams (manager meetings, champions in each location, executive town hall meetings).

  • Create your communications plan (pre-launch, launch, post-launch) – this should ensure all your colleagues are reached at each of your three phases of launch to maximize engagement and their understanding of how they can use Peerbie.

  • Ensure executive-buy-in having your leaders validate Peerbie’s role in your organization will empower your colleagues to join the platform, engage and contribute. Leadership teams are busy so we recommend engaging them early to give them time to prepare!