Managing Projects in Peerbie

Create a central space for all your project needs.

Using email for project communications can get messy. Information gets lost in multiple email threads, and it can be hard to keep everyone up to date and on the same page.

That’s where Peerbie task & project management come in. Firstly, your project team can centralize all of your project communications in one place. It makes key project goals and resources easily accessible, so they’re always top of mind for you and your team. And with file sharing, chat, action items and more, you can be sure everyone is up to date and informed on progress and jobs to be done. Then you can create team task list as well as specific projects.

How to do it in Peerbie

Create a project team

Create a private project team and add your team members. Project teams are typically kept private because only team members need to see posts, tasks and contribute. If you’re working with people outside of your organization, create an external team.

Create a task list

Create a task list for this team by clicking on create a task. Make sure to add privacy as the team. This will automatically inform all team members about the task list. Now you have a place to assign tasks to yourself as well as team members. This will create an auto post in the news feed so you can keep track of who is doing what and when at any point in time.

Create a project

Create a project by clicking on create a task. Make sure to add priority as the team. Enter begin and end dates for the project so you can visually keep track of how the project is going.

HULUSI- Show Add Project

Pin a post

Write a post that outlines your project goals, available resources, deadlines, and any other important project information. Pin this post to the top of the team page so people can refer to it easily. Or you can regularly communicate updates with the project team from project details page. 

Share and collaborate on files

Use Peerbie to share files and gather feedback from your team. Go to the post composer to add files from your computer or from the file-sharing integrations that have been enabled by your company’s system admin.

Don’t waste time scrolling through your team feed to find a file shared by a coworker. Every team has a Files tab, where you’ll find all the files ever shared in your team, so nothing gets lost. You can also store files and conversations in Peerbie collections. 

To get feedback from other teams, create an open feedback team for your project and members you’d like to get input from. Use the team to share updates like project overview documentation, design explorations, audience insights, and more. This will increase the visibility of your team’s work and provide you with more feedback and perspective.

Keep everyone up to date

When you create the task list, you will be entering a repeat cycle for the team to-do list. This will let you get auto-updates from your team. If the list is set to repeat daily, then everyone will get informed about the progress on a daily basis. So that everyone is on progress, priorities, and any outstanding issues that need to be resolved. Best of all, this is all automated and it does not require any additional effort.

Communicate in Peerbie Chat

All project teams can have their own chat, so staying in touch with your team is easy, even when you’re on the road or working remotely.

Download the Peerbie app if you haven’t already, and make sure your team has downloaded them as well.


IOS -> Download

Android-> Download

Chats tend to move fast, so they’re best when you need a question answered quickly, or when you’re just communicating socially with your team. When it comes to files, project resources or any other information you know your team will need to reference again later, use a post.

Get connected with video conference

Peerbie has video conference capability. Use video conference for regularly scheduled team meetings, or just hop on a quick one-on-one call with a colleague to make decisions faster.  You can schedule video conferences with a single click for your team by selecting the right team.


  • A central place for all communication. Anyone new to the team can read through older posts to catch up.

  • Get auto-updates for all your projects

  • Assign tasks to your team easily with a single click

  • Hold meetings anywhere, anytime.

  • Easily gather feedback from your team and other teams with open feedback teams.

  • Centralize all files, resources, and project communications so nothing gets lost.

  • Stay connected to your team with chat, and video conferences.

  • Monitor all projects in project dashboard 

  • Create sections in projects so you get section completion updates as well