Post Checklist

Use this post checklist to keep the momentum going and get your whole organization on Peerbie.

1. Keep Up Exec Engagement

  • Have leaders send messages to unclaimed accounts highlighting what’s being missed in Peerbie.

  • Run a Live Q&A or town hall with executives via Peerbie to bring the company together and align your goals.

  • Encourage leaders to like and comment on posts to build an open culture.

Pro-tip: Encourage executives to post regular Peerbie post updates to highlight what they’re focusing on.

2. Review Your Launch

  • Share early launch results with leaders and identify areas for improvement.

  • Measure success and results through the reports.

  • Hold review sessions with virtual meetings to get feedback and plan new engagement campaigns.

Pro-tip: Make sure at least 75% of your users have uploaded a profile picture. They help create closer connections and a more personal experience in Peerbie.

3. Drive Adoption and Engagement

  • Send weekly reminders to employees who haven’t claimed their accounts.

  • Collect stats from the daily dashboards and use them to create departmental contests for the highest adoption rates.

  • Make sure your comms team is posting a regular drumbeat of content showcasing the best of what is happening across your business.

Pro-tip: Send reminders with teasers of what employees are missing, like executive posts and live videos.

4. Keep Communicating

  • Celebrate usage by highlighting top Peerbie contributors, posts, and groups.

  • Remind managers to keep pushing communication on Peerbie chats.

  • Highlight the benefits of using Peerbie daily for all team and project communications.

Pro-tip: Make sure people know about the Peerbie mobile apps with a post through mailing the links to download them.