Project Management

Project Management User Guides - Peerbie

How to Use Project Management on PeerBie?

You can easily manage your projects on PeerBie.

  • Click on Applications and Select Projects on the left side of the homepage

  • If there is no project, select “Create Project”

  1. Choose the visibility of the project: Select a team or leave it as Everyone

  2. Assign a name to the project

  3. Select in start day

  4. Select in end day

  5. And click on the “Create” button

On the project details page you can see the following items:

  • All tasks

  • Open tasks

  • My tasks

  • Completed tasks

  • Sections: By default it comes with 3 sections which can be changed 

By Default projects have 3 different views

  • Calendar View

  • List View

  • Board View 

Tasks can be added under the sections or outside the sections. Tasks can be moved amongst sections. Once a section tasks are completed then a notification and a post is sent out automatically. And section turns green as all tasks are completed. 

Project manager can also change status of the project which will open a post window to send project updates. Project updates is a great way to communicate to members time to time. 

Everyone in the project will receive the updates in a post as well as an email. Members can write comments, celebrate milestone’s being achieved. 

Project post captures a snapshot of the project status with task completion status as well as sections.