7 Fatal Performance Management Mistakes to Avoid
7 Fatal Performance Management Mistakes to Avoid


7 Fatal Performance Management Mistakes to Avoid

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Performance management is very critical in business life. However, many businesses end up with performance management mistakes. Performance management plays an important role such as it decides whether to promote an employee, raise the salary, and whether the employee is successful or not. These are some of the reasons why performance management is significant and must be managed productively.

Having good performance management in a business increases success at work. After all, it helps to see the mistakes and correct them. It inevitably contributes to employees' development. But, if a business does not recognize performance management mistakes and correct them, it will not very possible to call the business successful.

We will be sharing the common 7 performance management mistakes to avoid.

What are the 7 Fatal Performance Management Mistakes?

Performance management communicates with the business in some ways. It says what the business and the employees need to develop. Imagine performance management done poorly. How could it end up? It would decrease productivity in the business. Following that it would not be possible to have good relationships at work.

Fortunately, we can easily avoid these undesired situations by avoiding the following mistakes.

1. Unclear expectations

Obscure expectations are one of the first reasons causing poor performance management. It is very critical here to set clear expectations and be sure that your employees understand those expectations. If you set clear expectations your employees can know what you expect from them. Then,  they can make effort to achieve that. Otherwise, you will never be convinced by the result.

2. Late feedback

One of the common performance management mistakes that many businesses do is giving late feedback. They even wait till the end of the year to give feedback or appraise the employees. Feedback does not help unless you give it on time. As a manager, always guarantee that you deliver the feedback when it is already fresh. With the help of that, the employees can recognize their mistakes and work on them. Also, if there is a success that you should appraise do not wait till the end of the year. Praise your employees at the moment.

4. No meaningful conservation about performance

Some managers consider performance management as charts, metrics, and reviews. However, performance management includes more than these. Good performance management always makes an open and meaningful conversation part of the measure. In other words, although feedback is critical for performance management, you should not underestimate an open conversation with your employee and receive feedback.

5. Not improving poor performance

Not many managers enjoy improving poor performance. Instead, they prefer to ignore it and pretend everything is alright. But, this manner does not contribute to the business at all. And, it is inevitable that the same poor performance will be performed again and again. It causes one of the common performance management mistakes.

Instead of delaying correcting poor performance, we must take strong steps to deal with poor performance. That is why we must identify the employees who perform poorly and have those meaningful conversations with them. When you both start to look for improvement for yourselves and the company the development will start.

6. Not rewarding good performance

While poor performance is ignored, good performances are not rewarded. This prevents the employee from being motivated. It consequently results in disconnection from the work. That is the reason why businesses must recognize and reward good performance.

Financial rewards should not be considered the only to appreciate a good performance. Apart from that, employees need to achieve praise, opportunities for development, and flexibility at work. These will encourage them as much as a financial reward. So, if you consider financial support as a reward, you are doing common fatal performance management mistakes.

7. Consistently chasing targets

Focusing on the targets consistently is harmful to the business. When an employee feels the pressure to focus on that and accomplish the target, they lose their creativity. After a while, the work becomes unproductive. But, it should not bring you to the conclusion that it is not good to have targets and try to achieve that. Targets are essential unless they are the main focus.

The business must be sure that employees perform well. Following that achieving the target will not be difficult. In this way, you will protect yourself from one of the fatal performance management mistakes.

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