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12 Productivity Tools and Apps to Boost Your Work

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Productivity tools have become popular in this digital life. But, still, people are having difficulties finding useful productivity tools to boost their work. Here, we have done the research and brought the best tools and apps together which will contribute a lot to your work. Do not forget that, productivity doesn't come by chance. It only happens when you take the correct steps and find the essential tools to guide you.

What are the 12 Productivity Tools to Boost my Work?

Productivity is personal. In a platform where someone works productively, others may not feel productive. It may not suit others' work styles. That's why it is important to have many options and choose the one which is suitable for you and for your work. For example; you can be good at time management but you may have difficulties remembering important notes. Here, the productivity tools that can help you should not be focused on time management. On the contrary; it should be a tool that works in a useful way as a reminder.

Now, let's see the 12 productivity tools which can contribute to your work.

1. PeerBie


PeerBie is a team management application. It connects organizations and gets them to collaborate through tools such as project management, product management, messaging, customer management, and performance management. PeerBie does all in only one application. It is one of the key productivity tools to work productively both in the office and remotely.

2. Google Docs

Google Docs

Google Docs is widely used for collaborating on documents but I thought there must be some people who haven't used it yet. As I said it mainly supports you to collaborate on documents. You can share the document and work on that in real time with your colleagues. Here, you can always edit the settings according to your preference. The documents can stay inside or outside of the organization. Finally, you can download the documents effortlessly.

3. Calendly


Calendly is a productive tool that is best for scheduling meetings. It supports your business life by scheduling meetings without back-and-forth emails.

When you register to Calendly, you simply sync your calendar with this app. On the occasion that you need to schedule a meeting, you give the link to your Calendly and the meeting is scheduled without back-and-forth emails. Doesn't it sound amazing? Give it a go to schedule your day with Calendly.


According to research people tend to be more focused when they are listening to certain types of music. is created from this idea. In this app, you can listen to kinds of music that enhance you to be focused, relaxed, and to be productive. It is one of the essential productivity tools if you are the kind of person who can not work without music.

5. Evernote


You may have struggled to reorganize your notes. Here, Evernote helps you. It is one of the best tools for creating notes. With Evernote, you can collect all of your ideas together in one place. You can also tag your notes to filter them easily when you need them.

6. Forest

Forest is a really interesting app. The purpose of the application is to stay focused. It is a perfect fit for people who have trouble staying focused. So, how does it work? When you want to focus you can open this app and plant a tree. As long as you stay focused, the tree will continue to grow. otherwise; if you leave the tree without managing your task the tree will die. And, you can turn these trees into a forest by staying focused.

7. Engross

Time management is very critical at work. Engross is a time management app. It helps people to manage distractions. It works with Pomodoro Technique. The Pomodoro technique is breaking down the time into breaks to work more productively. Engross customize it according to your task. And, it suggests to best time for breaks and how long they should last.

8. Due

Due extremely helps people who easily forget. It reminds you what needs to be done and when. It has a customized system that reminds you of your schedules according to the time that you choose and the activity. Also, it never stops sending notifications till you mark the completed task.

Due is one of the productivity tools that syncs with your Apple iPhone, watch, and desktop. It prevents any chance to miss the reminder.

9. Noisli

Noisli is created to prevent any distracting voices and work productively. I highly recommend it if you work remotely and have distracting voices at home like children at home or roommates. You can easily turn on Noisli and be in your zone of focus quickly.

10. Freedom


You may have difficulties meeting deadlines nowadays. The reason behind this can be distracting notifications, cruising social media, and not being focused mentally. Here, Freedom helps you with blocking websites, alerts, and other digital distractions. It blocks different devices, so you do not have to take your phone to stop alerts. Freedom does it for you.

Just be sure that you notified your colleagues you will not be available for a while so, they will understand why they are not able to reach you.

11. Pushbullet

Switching back and forth between devices is quite distracting and it wastes time. Here, Pushbullet connects all devices. With the help of that, you don't need to switch from computer to iPad, from iPad to smartphone, and from smartphone to desktop. It is one of the most useful productivity tools for multi-device users.

12. Toggl

Toggl is used for time tracking. It is one of the leading productivity tools, especially for freelancers, consultants, and small companies. With this platform, you can easily track your time and manage your work more productively. You can use its basic freely.

Toggl explains itself as "Time tracking software to boost performance and get paid for every billable minute. An intuitive tool that makes time tracking painless for the entire team."

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