7 Must Remote Team Communication Activities and Icebreakers
7 Must Remote Team Communication Activities and Icebreakers

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7 Must Remote Team Communication Activities and Icebreakers

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As a leader, you always need team communication activities and icebreakers to help the employees have better relationships. As everyone knows, it is a big struggle to sustain good relationships with teammates when they work remotely. Here, the essential team communication activities and icebreakers will guide the leaders. With their help, employees will enjoy their friendship and be more effective at work. So it will be a win to win.

So, let's start with learning the key team communication activities and icebreakers.

What are the 7 Team Communication Activities and Icebreakers?

Finding remote team communication activities in a remote work environment can be challenging. But, in reality, you only need the right tools and activities to bring all your team together. And, it will not be difficult when you choose one of the following activities.

1. Create Video Conferencing

Do not ignore the importance of live video conferencing to improve team communication. Research from Remote.co shows that %87 of remote employees feel connected when they are having video conferencing. In this case, if you can create live video conferencing do not miss it. Give your team the opportunity to come together in live videos. They can share their opinions and perspectives in this way which hugely helps them to feel closer.

2. Virtual Team Pursuit

Virtual  Team Pursuit is one of the essential team communication activities that bring all your team together and has fun. It gives the teammates opportunities to get to know each other. The game presents a series offering online, physical, mental, and skill challenges. With the help of that, teammates can see one another's hidden features and as a leader, you can observe their talents. Here, you can check Youtube videos to get more detailed information about the process.

3. Try to Escape from Escape Room As a Team

Virtual escape rooms present an adventurous escape for remote teams to improve team communication. In this room, they all have the same goal. They all aim to escape from the room. They are provided with a puzzle that they need to solve to exit the room.

You can play this game with up to 8 people. One of the features of the game is that there is a host to guide you with a live camera. Apart from that, they have only 60 minutes to complete the game. It provides the teammates to communicate, bond, and solve the problem altogether in this given limited time. It strongly helps with improving remote team communication and getting better at time management.

4. The Desert Island

Desert Island is one of the great team communication activities that work productively as an icebreaker. In this game, team members are provided with a scenario. In this scenario, they are kept on an island and they only have 7 objects. But, can just grab 3 objects among those 7 objects.

Here, as a leader, you can make these objects as challenging as possible so that they will spend quite a time deciding on the objects. Following that split the team into groups to discuss the key objects to have on the island. Finally, they will decide on the 3 objects and explain their reasons.

This remote team communication activity greatly improves their critical thinking skills. It also encourages team members to collaborate, involve in competition, and have excitement with their teammates.

5. Movie Night

You must be thinking that it is really necessary to have movie nights for team communication activities. But, it is extremely important for team members to get to know each other. Unless they know about each other team communication will not be possible.

You should not underestimate the value of gathering the team for non-work related activities. On these occasions, they feel calmer and more relaxed. Also, they become more tend to open up themselves.

How can you arrange this activity? You can stream a movie in a video conference room. In the chart part, team members can freely share their comments. Another option is, if the majority of the team live in the same city you can host them or make a plan for going to a cinema.

6. Coffee Gift

Coffee gifts are proven to motivate team members as it shows that you value them. As you know remote workers rarely have the chance to achieve free lunch, coffee, and team activities on-site. But, coffee gift changes it to a great extent. In this strategy, each team member gets a company-provided coffee ticket that they can use in their local cafes or in their favorite place.

Isn't it great to encourage them to leave their home with the purpose of drinking a coffee provided by the company? Also, in this strategy, they are supposed to take a picture with their coffees and share it in a team posts group. So, they will be more familiar with each other. They can even come across in these cafes and share their motivation, and happiness with one another.

7. Create Weekly Video Conferencing with PeerBie

Last but the least is creating weekly video conferencing with PeerBie.You can easily schedule your meetings, send notifications to your team and gather them together with PeerBie. We already mentioned that having video conferencing with the team encourages them to be closer. Imagine that you do this weekly and all your team share their ideas openly in this video conferencing. It will support remote team communication to a great extent.

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