A Guide to Say Farewell to Colleagues in 4 Different Ways
A Guide to Say Farewell to Colleagues in 4 Different Ways

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A Guide to Say Farewell to Colleagues in 4 Different Ways

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Obviously, saying farewell to colleagues is not an easy job. Usually, this period is short and you are needed to express yourself fully. You must show your gratitude and respect. You must also give your best wishes to the other side. To express all of these in a short period can be challenging.

In the workplace, we say goodbye to all employees no matter how close we are. It is even more worthy to show your gratitude and respect for the ones that you do not know each other for a long time. This can improve your connection although you did not have a close relationship before.

Starting a new journey can be exciting and scary. But, wishing the best to your old workplace can be a great source to increase your self-confidence. Because in these short conversations, you will hear how important you are to your colleagues and how they are grateful for your effort and time.

Now, let's discover why saying farewell to colleagues is significant.

Why Does Saying Farewell Important?

Everyone wants to feel appreciated and leave a good mark on someone's life. With a meaningful farewell message, you can show your appreciation to the other side. It is also very important to keep your professional relationship.

A touching farewell is a great opportunity to express how the person has helped your professional life or private life. It is encouraging for both sides. Studies also show that giving a proper farewell to your colleague encourages them to a great extent. By giving proper farewell you can be a great motivator for them.

Even if you didn't get the opportunity to say a good goodbye to your colleague you can start doing it. You can prepare an email message for sending them. Believe me, it is never too late to say farewell to your colleagues.

What are the 4 ways to Say Farewell to a Colleague?

People love to be appreciated especially if they have accomplished hard tasks. That is why you can mention how you appreciate their effort. But, what else can you mention? In the beginning, it may seem overwhelming to say farewell to a colleague, but with the following options, it is not difficult at all.

1. Send a card or a gift

It may seem simple to send a card or a gift to your colleague but in fact, it is very meaningful and it is a great way to show your appreciation. It can also be saved. So, they can take them wherever they go. Obviously, it is a good reminder of their time and effort in the previous work.

2. Throw a farewell party

A party is a great gesture to say farewell to your colleague. You can bring a cake and arrange the office with some decorations. In this way, you can help your colleagues to relax and share their memories with one another. Last but not least, spending time with your colleague is what you will miss, and in this way, you can share these moments maybe for the last time with him/her.

3. Send a message on PeerBie

In case you do not have the opportunity to say farewell in person, you can send an email or message. This way is very useful for people who work remotely and do not see one another in person. A farewell PeerBie message can help you to complete your last duty for your colleague. Here, you can mention how you enjoyed your time together, how they supported you to get forward, and what differences they made in your life and in the company.

4. Say farewell in person

If the colleague is a special person you must give priority to saying farewell in person. Here, you should not be vulnerable. You be open to sharing how you feel. But, you should also consider not making the conversation about you. As we mentioned above, you can add positive and uplifting sentences, share how you will be glad to keep in contact, and keep it short and meaningful.

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