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Collaboration Tools for Productive Teams

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Simply, collaboration tools are designed to help people when they are working together to complete a task or achieve a common goal. It can be a paper where you create a mindmap to create a project with other team members or a whiteboard that you use to present ideas to your team members.

However, it is not possible, maybe funny, to think about using those tools for businesses and organizations in a digital age. It may be handy in some way if you have a paper beside you. But something people never go without is their phones or laptops.

Collaborative software and applications are designed to increase the productivity of teams and make working together easier. PeerBie unites all the collaborative tools needed for efficient teamwork.

How Can Collaboration Tools Lead To Productive Teams?

Teams can be productive once lacking needs that prevent them from cooperating is completed. Collaboration tools offer solutions to different requests teams may have.

Tracking Progress

The business environment changes daily and sometimes hourly. Teams need a way to follow just as quickly. Furthermore, team members must be able to see each other's progress and to track if their tasks are completed or not. Tracking progress will result in productive teamwork and collaboration tools help to create harmony and agility.

The ability to act and relocate tasks as fast as project change can be possible if all the team members are able to reach collaboration tools. PeerBie has task management tools that will help to assign and manage tasks from everywhere and anytime.

List of tasks to do in order of deadline and importance provided with PeerBie's 'To-Do Lists'. Planning the team's plan beforehand can solve possible complications members may have in their workday.

Increasing Team Visibility

People can collaborate in a better way if they have full visibility in their teamwork. Every member needs to be aware of the common goals and share what they are doing for their part. Visibility help teams to see when others need help and collaboration to keep the project on track. Teams can be productive by understanding each other's work system.

PeerBie has the necessary collaboration tools to increasing visibility.  'PeerBie Dashboards' prepares daily activity boards for teams. 'Dashboards' informs members on who is online or not, how many tasks are active or completed on that day. The coolest feature about dashboards is updating information instantly when a team member goes offline or finishes a task.

Plus, if there is a problem in the process or the task is not finished managers will know who hold responsible which will prevent unsettled air in the working environment.

Easy and Fast File Sharing

File storage and sharing functions create opportunities for teams to work together in a more productive way.

PeerBie provides file storage in a shared database. Constant access to the archives of files enables teams to have more fast solutions. Teams can quickly receive ideas from the report or the media they have reached. The data will help members to take essential steps.

With PeerBie, team members can also share their flies in a 'post' and tag other members to inform them quickly.  No need to use another software to forward the necessary contents within the team.

Effective Communication Tools

PeerBie offers collaboration tools to maximize the benefits of communication through virtual meetings, team chats, and isolated conversations with external channels by adding external groups into the software.

More productivity will be presented in the team if members have channels to discuss their ideas and opportunity to work on them. With the PeerBie app which is compatible with both IOS and Android systems, communication continues from anywhere.

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