How to Empower Self-Determination for Success
How to Empower Self-Determination for Success


How to Empower Self-Determination for Success

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As you know life is made of decisions. That is why self-determination is very critical for private and professional life. We must remind you that you haven't achieved the success that you have now by chance. You build it up with great effort and thousands of decisions. So, we should never undermine the importance of making decisions and self-determination.

Your journey is fulfilled with many minor and major decisions. Even attending an event has changed your life to a great extent. Imagine where you would be right now if you didn't take that decision before starting college or choosing that Master's degree.

Apart from education and professional life, self-determination helps you to have strong relationships, decreases physical and mental problems, and empowers your personal development.

What is STD?

STD was first created by Edward. L. Deci and Richard M. Ryan. They defined it as a framework that presents the necessities of self-determination. Their main reason to come together and the study was to find out the essential conditions that supply people to perform well, overcome difficulties and present themselves in the best way.

From their perspectives, self-determination is made of these 3 basics;

  • Autonomous motivation: It is your capacity to make choices by your inner motivation aligned with your authentic self.

  • Feelings of competence: Being open to learning and applying them in your social life.

  • Relatedness: The sense of feeling connected to others.

If you experience these 3 basics in your life, you can call yourself self-determined. But to fulfill these, you need to feel motivated toward life.

What are the Ways to Improve Self-Determination at Work?

Not everyone has a natural talent to set goals, overcome challenges and reach their objectives. Some people may feel hesitant to show themselves successfully at work. But, with the following 4 tips you can psychologically improve yourself to achieve success in your life.

Let's start learning the essential 4 tips to improve self-determination at work.

1. Find out what motivates you

Unless you find out your motivators, you can not get what you desire to achieve. If you want to achieve the utmost benefit at work, you must start to discover your motivators. When you discover them, remind yourself of these motivators regularly. With the help of them, you can enjoy your journey to achieve your objectives.

2. Improve self-awareness

Improving self-awareness is very important to know what you want and where you want to be. It always supports you in getting closer to yourself. And, in this way, you can know your objectives at work precisely.

One of the most useful ways to improve self-awareness is mindfulness techniques. When you regularly practice mindful techniques you can make a better connection with your thoughts and feelings. You can also start meditation to improve your inner thoughts.

3. Make positive relationships

Always consider positive relationships in your private life and career. Having people who value and support us is very important to follow our objectives and trust our own skills. But, if you build relationships with people who give negative vibes you can not get better in your life. These relationships can discourage you and prevent you from achieving your objectives.

4. Pursue what you enjoy

When you pursue what you enjoy, it will not be difficult to go after your goals. Many people lose their encouragement as they do not pursue their interests. But, when you start to pursue your interests you can have intrinsic motivation and you do not need to push yourself to achieve success at work.  As you follow your interests, you will get your self-determination stronger and at the end of the day, you will not be burned out.

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