What Is An Intelligent Workplace? Improve Your Business With Technology
What Is An Intelligent Workplace? Improve Your Business With Technology


What Is An Intelligent Workplace? Improve Your Business With Technology

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A lot of information is out there about digital workplaces, but what is an intelligent workplace?

Many organizations and businesses had to adapt to the new technologies which are necessary for remote and hybrid work models with the Covid-19 pandemic. This was not a temporary situation, on the contrary, many of them changed their traditional working models to be suitable for remote and hybrid work models. In this change, the main element was technology and the businesses who apply new technological tools to their workplace became a digital workplace.

The digital workplace brought other needs different from the traditional working style. Questions and possible solutions for employee performance and productivity began to be discussed such as how employees' productivity can be measured with remote working, how teamwork and collaborations can continue with new apps and software etc. Mentioned questions are also essential for maintaining profitable growth for businesses.

What Is An Intelligent Workplace? Improve Your Business

At the same time, technology that powers digital workplaces is undergoing a fundamental transition at an unprecedented rate. The mismatch between the technologies and tools that people use in their personal lives and those which they use within the workplace turns into a major issue. Employees demand a work atmosphere that is as technologically advanced as their personal life.

Simple digitalization of workplaces is not enough anymore, as the technology transforms rapidly. Intelligent workplaces are the new and improved digital workplace. It also serves as a social intranet. An intranet is a private network created within an institution or company. The main goal of intranets is to provide uninterrupted cooperation and communication among the employees of the institution.

Benefits of an Intelligent Workplace

Providing an engaging employee experience is important in assisting businesses in recruiting and maintaining a qualified team. A digital workplace is a strong component for enabling employees to perform more efficiently, therefore greatly improving their work experience. Moreover, effective actions in your business increase customer satisfaction.

But, when you add an 'intelligent' component, the advantages of your workplace become more transformative. An intelligent workplace gives employees the flexibility to handle their work in their way, whenever and wherever they are. An intelligent workplace, for example, has the ability to:

Deliver the Right Information

Employees' documents files, videos, and ideas have a high value, but it is not always easy to remember everything all the time or at the right time. Technology takes away the need for employees to recall the information and where to find it. Intelligent workplaces provide a quick, efficient and simple way for teams to connect and interact.

You can access your files from a single place with PeerBie. Upload all the necessary files for your work to your intelligent workplace and access them from the archive whenever needed.

Machine Learning 

Use machine learning to learn about your employees' preferences and needs. Employees can choose to get relevant updates, news, and alerts depending on their exact moments in the context of the work activity at and, similar to how Google can advise you to leave earlier for work due to traffic. Also, employees can customize their dashboards and pick which notifications they wish to receive in an intelligent workplace.

Choose what you will receive notifications about or which department's posts you will see, even it's a large company. Create your own workplace with PeerBie's personalization features.

Data Recording and Documentation

Data is one of the most important factors for any company's success. Companies with intelligent workplaces can understand and acquire data and provide useful information. You can acquire insights and provide reports for corporate management. Also, intelligent workplaces ensure monitoring activities in several departments of a business and help its management more.

PeerBie allows you to monitor tasks with automatically updated daily dashboards. You can review who completed what task when and how much work per day. In addition, performance reports created by measuring daily performances ensure insight about your employees' activity with special algorithms.

Time Management

Intelligent workplaces can simply prevent wasted working hours. Employees may focus on more essential issues, productive work, discovering innovative solutions, and complex problem-solving by utilizing AI and other technologies that assist their workplace. As a result, all the employees can have more effective working hours and the overall productivity will rise, allowing for a more fluid workflow.

Another aspect is that in intelligent workplaces, employees are less likely to be subject to time constraints. When projects fall behind schedule, many companies require their teams to work extra hours. The assistance of applications in an intelligent workplace may surely help prevent rush moments.

Make Long Term Savings

Allow for considerable cost savings and efficiency within the company. You can create a work environment where every employee has an assistant and can become more productive and successful without long-term costs.

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