What is B2C Business Model? Definition and Types
What is B2C Business Model? Definition and Types


What is B2C Business Model? Definition and Types

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The B2C Business Model is short for Business-to-Customers. In this model, a product or service moves from a business to the end user. Even if it is contrasted with B2B (business to business) model, it is totally different. While in B2B business model involves exchanging products between businesses, the B2C Business model is focused on the exchange between businesses and customers.

B2C Business Model is experienced often in our everyday life. For example, when you eat out in a restaurant or buy products from stores or online you experience this model. Now, let's see what B2C Business Model is in detail.

What is B2C Business Model?

As we said before, the B2C business model refers to movements from a business to the user. Here, the customer is the final destination. Customer and customer behavior are the main focus in B2C Business Model markets. To take a good return from customers, B2C businesses need to have a good relationship with them. They must see what the customers require, and what are their purpose and desire. When they understand their customers they start to do their best for them to motivate customers for a sale.

B2C Business ModelThese are the main features of the B2C Business Model. Although it seems simple as their only focus is customers, it can be challenging to be updated always for their customer's needs. All the businesses which use this model are aware that in case they miss customers' needs, customers' directions will change towards other competitors.

What are the 5 Types of Business Models?

Not every business needed to be categorized as B2C Business Model. Businesses can adapt different models to themselves. To give n example; while one business prefers to sell its items to retailers, other can prefer to sell directly to consumers. Now, we will see 5 different classifications of business models.

1. Direct Sellers

Especially, small businesses sell their products to customers directly. They can be called retailers who have their websites or store to present their products. Customers can visit their website or online and do their shopping.

2. Intermediaries

Online platforms are very helpful to bring brands and customers together. For example; Amazon.com, Alibaba, or eBay sell products although they do now own any. How do they get benefits? They get their share from the percentage of the sales.

3. Advertising-Based

Advertising-based is a B2C Business Model in which business advertise their products on platforms. These platforms reach a high amount of consumer profiles. It significantly helps businesses to grow their brands and be sure consumers see their products and offers.

With an advertising-based model, businesses can easily identify their target. They can get help from traffic-driving tactics, and accordingly opt from the platform. Some examples can be Youtube and Reddit. These two platforms earn by advertising. While they earn their share by advertising, businesses get their share by converting leads into customers.

4. Community-Based

Community-Based is focused on sharing advertisements on platforms that are visited by like-minded people. Here, businesses sell their products and services directly to customers.

To give an example, advertising about clothes on style focuses platforms are more useful than advertising on news platforms. In Quora, Wikihow, or Facebook businesses can present their product to the right audience.

5. Fee-Based

The fee-Based model refers to that service providers asking for a subscription fee. The most popular platforms doing this are Netflix and Youtube. With a subscription to these platforms, you get the right to use the platform as you like.

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