What is Work Motivation and Why Is it Important?
What is Work Motivation and Why Is it Important?

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What is Work Motivation and Why Is it Important?

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Work motivation is a great source for accomplishing our tasks productively. But, sometimes it doesn't appear unless we push it. When it doesn't appear, it is inevitable to miss deadlines, show low performance at work, and many more.

So, to avoid it, let's learn what motivation means.

What is Motivation?

Motivation is the driving force that encourages people to start a task and finish it in the best way on time. It can be a source for something small such as the feeling of going to a cafe with a friend or a basis for a critical decision like opening up your own business. We can say that it spurs people to action and achieve victory.

Why Work Motivation is Important?

Motivated employees always show higher success than employees who do not have motivation toward their work. Aside from higher success, motivation is fundamental to changing work culture positively. Unless having work motivation, it is not possible to create a positive work culture.

Now, let's break the motivation benefits into two groups benefits for the organization and benefits for employees.

Work motivation benefits for organizations

  • It helps organizations to meet their goals and even exceed them. Imagine a workplace in which employees are without any motivation, how it would be? In these workplaces, you shouldn't expect to deliver promises on time, execute daily tasks, and have happy customers.

  • Work motivation contributes to increasing productivity. According to research, motivated employees experience higher productivity compared to unmotivated ones. We can also add that motivated employees tend to make connections with their teammates. This also positively affects productivity, as connection always benefits it.

  • Motivation plays an important role in employee retention. It means that by having a workplace with motivated people, you will not lose your committed and experienced employees.

  • Motivation toward work is also critical to achieving victories. As we mentioned, motivated employees work more productively and they are connected to one another. This brings them higher success and likely, they become the brand ambassadors.

Work motivation benefits for employees

  • Higher motivation contributes employees to working proactively and creatively.

  • It supports individuals to look from a positive point of view for their careers and futures.

  • Motivated employees also do not give up easily. They are always ready to handle obstacles at work.

  • They can get through negative situations effortlessly.

What are the Common Reasons for Demotivation at Work?

There can be many reasons for not feeling motivated at work. Here, we have gathered the most common and critical ones. So, you can find out the reason and start to overcome it. In some cases, you may not solve it by yourself. Then, you shouldn't hesitate to contact your manager to help you.


Micromanagement is one of the common reasons for demotivation in workplaces. Unfortunately, many employees experience it. Controlling employees is essential but, if you do it more than needed your employees can easily lose their motivation. To prevent it, managers do their check-ins only in some specific periods and show that they have trust toward their employees.

Poor communication

Poor communication is one of the other common problems at work. If you have poor communication at work, you may feel demotivated and lose your interest in work. To handle it, you can express how you are disappointed with that and start to take action. For example, in teamwork, you can mention the importance of it and how it negatively affects work when you do not communicate effectively.

Unpleasant employees

Your coworkers plan an important role in your motivation. Having unpleasant employees can negatively affect your feeling toward work. To handle this, you can give them a chance to talk with these colleagues. Ask them if you help in any way. Then, if there is not any you can do for these people, try to put a distance.

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