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Best Project Management Software To Work Faster

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A project may require a lot of time to be worked through to be successful. Projects need a comprehensive plan for outlining how every element will come together, and how they will finish. Project management software is there to meet your demands throughout the whole process.

Imagine, you first find the subject when you prepare a presentation. Then decide on subtitles, search for sources, pick the suitable ones and create original content.

If collaboration is needed in a group presentation, you are going to share tasks, have a meeting, and use communication channels over other steps.

But, your business projects are way bigger and important. Since the management of the project is complicated and challenging, you may be more likely to miss details. The more problems you have in the process, the more time you spend.

Take advantage of the digital world to work faster. Project management software will help you to prevent mistakes before and save your time.

What is Project Management Software?

Project management software aims to ease the workflow and workload of a business or a team. It can be a part of a small start-up as well as a big company. Usually, project management software allows assign tasks, track the deadlines, meet the need for communication, and ensure that they are met. A project manager or a team leader can control the whole process from anywhere and anytime with project management software.

It helps you to run and control numerous projects, analyze the performance of the team, and track the progress of an individual or a team and can be used in any kind of business.

But project management software is not limited to task tools only. It lets you manage your team, manage your document efficiently, and assign due dates while providing space for self-management.

How Can You Work Faster with PeerBie?

There is a lot to be considered when managing projects from tracking the process of your project to creating performance reports. PeerBie is designed for increasing your productivity while guiding you with its tools to manage your time efficiently. There are many features in PeerBie to get your work done faster.

Task Management

Being able to assign, follow and update the status of tasks can change your project management for the better. Task management may be the most important step of your process since assigning the right task to the right person will shorten the time of them completing it.

PeerBie allows you to assign tasks to a certain person, a couple of people, or a whole team while giving you the tools for sending the necessary documents and content within a task. You can choose a deadline for a specific day or just a week and assign tasks with flags that indicate their importance. Of course, as the best project management software, PeerBie provides more task features.

Project managers can follow the daily task completion with 'Task Dashboard'. For example, if there is 5 task for the UX team, it can be actively seen who is online, how many tasks are completed or in process. Following the process of the project without using multiple channels to communicate with team members will save you lots of time. By looking at a dashboard, you can understand who you need to check or help.

Fast Communication

A smooth flow of communication means quick problem-solving. If there are multiple channels in use, the process may slow down. PeerBie includes channel-based real-time communication. A team member can create a private chat with their project manager to discuss a personal issue, a project manager can create a group chat to discuss certain issues.

PeerBie is compatible with IOS and Android systems, ensuring that the communication process continues anytime and anywhere.


As a project management software, PeerBie has a calendar tool that giving you the opportunity of understanding where a task fits into the project and how much time is left to complete.

You can share calendars by preference, therefore you can find times that fit everyone without searching for available times, such as creating a joint meeting.

File Sharing

PeerBie has features of document and files storage. Being able to share and search project documents saves you time rather than spending hours searching for files.

To-Do Lists

To-Do Lists ensures that the required tasks are done accurately in your project management process. Visualizing your steps by writing them down helps to relieve your mind, it will make you focus on what is important for your business.

With PeerBie, there is no more need to assign tasks to every individual separately. You can create multiple To-Do Lists for every department or team and see the previous lists.

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