5 Ways to Handle Mobbing and Inequality in the Workplace
5 Ways to Handle Mobbing and Inequality in the Workplace


5 Ways to Handle Mobbing and Inequality in the Workplace

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Inequality and mobbing in the workplace can lead to demotivation, reduced productivity, a high turnover rate and even attrition. Unfortunately, these negative effects are not as rare as you might think. Inequality in the workplace is an imbalance of privileges or rights that is based on social stratification (e.g., age, gender, education, etc.). Mobbing is a type of harassment that involves repeated abuse and bullying from one or more individuals with the intent of damaging another person’s reputation and career

We don't like to admit it, but inequality and mobbing happen frequently in many workplaces around the world. While some companies offer employees a stress-free work environment so they can focus on their tasks and produce optimal results at all times. Sadly this isn’t always the case for everyone. Here are 5 ways you can handle mobbing and inequality in the workplace:

Hold monthly team meetings

It’s important to hold monthly meetings with your team to discuss their goals, challenges and development needs. This will help you avoid inequalities and resentment from building up between co-workers. If you notice any signs of inequality, you will be able to address the situation before it turns into something larger that could negatively affect your company’s productivity. You can also use these meetings to discuss how you can support each other outside the workplace. This will help employees develop stronger connections with each other and feel more like a team. And when team members support and stand up for each other, inequality and mobbing are less likely to occur.

Offer trainings and workshops on emotional intelligence, mindfulness and communication skills

Although many people assume that certain skills can only be learned in a formal setting, this isn’t always true. There are many ways that you can teach your employees useful skills that will help them avoid inequalities and minimize the impact of mobbing on their productivity levels. For example, you can hold workshops and trainings on topics like: How to Reset your Day with Productivity, Developing Emotional Intelligence, Managing Workplace Stress, Managing Workplace Conflict, etc. These skills can help your employees better understand one another, which will lead to better relationships, more effective communication and less inequality at work.

Train employees to recognize signs of bullying

Although it may not be obvious in the beginning stages, many conflicts between employees are actually signs of bullying. Unfortunately, many people who experience bullying at work don’t know that they’re being bullied. This can result in feelings of frustration and irritation rather than awareness that the source of their frustration comes from a form of abuse.

Once you’ve trained your employees to recognize the signs of bullying, they’ll be more likely to confront the situation before it grows out of control. Then, if they notice someone exhibiting one or more of these behaviours, they must take action and report the matter to you as soon as possible. However, it’s important to note that certain types of behaviour may be illegal in your area, so you should familiarize yourself with the laws in your city or state before implementing a training on bullying.

Make sure certain bullying behavior is not tolerated

Even though you’ve trained your employees, yourself or your colleagues to identify and confront bullying, there may be a few who refuse to adhere to these rules. In these situations, you must take swift action and make it clear that bullying will not be tolerated at your company. If the bullying doesn’t stop, you should consider terminating the employment of the individual responsible. This sends a clear message to the rest of your staff that bullying will not be tolerated at your company.

There might be some coworkers and employees who are hesitant about reaching out to their superiors when it comes to reporting inequalities and mobbing, PeerBie offers an efficient communication tool by ensuring real-time chat option. Any member of your team can discretely reach out to their supervisor, manager or the accountable branches Human Resources.

Create a more equal workplace with flexible work options

While you can’t control what happens in your employees’ private lives, you can offer them more flexible work options that help minimize inequality in the workplace. For example, you can offer remote work as an option for employees who have personal obligations that require their attention. You can also offer flexible work schedules, work from home opportunities, etc.

These types of work arrangements can help level the playing field for employees who are dealing with significant life events such as the death of a loved one, the illness of a family member, childcare responsibilities, etc. By following these tips, you can reduce the prevalence of inequality and bullying in your company. This will help you retain top talent and improve your company’s productivity.

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