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9 Steps To Choose The Best Project Management Tool

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The best project management tool can greatly increase the productivity and success of you and your team. However, it is not easy to choose a common project management tool that everyone agrees upon. It is very important to choose this tool that will have a great impact on the success of your team and your projects.

The project management tool you will choose must first have all the features needed, and then it must be adopted by the whole team and be willing to use it. Since it is very difficult to find a project management tool that provides these two important items, we have tried to summarize this path for you in 9 steps.

What Do You Need?

Your first step before choosing a project management tool is to determine why you need it. You need to outline your needs and identify the current problems of your team. In this way, you will be able to understand more clearly why you need a project management tool. These needs may also arise from some problems. For example, there is a lack of communication between team members or there are disorganized projects and missed deadlines. Problems like these make you need better project management tools.

Finding Your Style

After identifying the shortcomings, needs, and problems, the next step when choosing a project management tool is to determine the way your team and yourself work. Working style is a step that guides you when choosing a project management tool. Understanding how your team and yourself work, helps you find a project management tool that fits your habits and team dynamics. Remember that with the project management tool you are looking for, you aim to be more successful, not to create inefficiency.

Easy of Use

Having a project management tool that has every need is what everyone wants, and you don't have to change tools for every need. However, a rather large and complex tool that covers so many needs can challenge you and your team. Tools with such a complex structure can slow you down. Also, such tools can be more expensive, and you probably don't want to pay for them as they will have features you don't need.

Easy of Use Project Management Tool

Task Management

Another step when choosing a project management tool is to pay attention to the task management feature of the tool you will choose. Thanks to the task management feature, you can list all your tasks and assign these tasks to your teammates. For instance, with PeerBie, you can perform all your task assignments in one tool through this task management feature. By setting deadlines for your tasks, you can ensure that projects are carried out regularly and on time. This feature will be a lifesaver when you manage a larger team or have to manage multiple projects.

File Sharing

Putting the files that are you need in a safe space is another step to consider when choosing your project management tool. You may want to keep your files for yourself or share them with your teammates. In such cases, having your files in a safe and stable place makes your job much easier. Proper management of project documents is a troubling issue among most teams and managers. It is also very difficult to manage these documents without a project management tool. Therefore, we recommend using a project management tool where you can store all files in one platform, easily manage individual files and share multiple files with your team members.


Good communication is one of the biggest factors in facilitating collaboration and getting tasks done faster. Especially during the corona period, more people started to work remotely, and this made it difficult for people working in different positions to communicate. It is easy to communicate with your remote partners, employees, or teammates through the project management software PeerBie.

If you choose a project management tool with which you can interact effectively, it will be more possible for you to maintain intra-group communication and manage the project in the best way. It would be in your best interest to have a project management tool such as PeerBie, which has an instant message feature to ensure intra-group communication. The project management tool you choose should have a system to enhance collaboration and communication through alerts and notifications. This will increase the cooperation and communication between the project teams.

Team Collaboration

Have you ever thought about what would happen if there was a sudden change in your plans or project? In such moments, it is very important to cooperate with your team instantly. Some project management tools offer you to provide feedback using task comments or alerts for upcoming deadlines. Providing comments or feedback on specific tasks is very important to a project team. In order to collaborate with your team, it will be in your best interest to make sure that the project management tool you choose has such features.

Try the Alternatives

Do not immediately decide on the first application you find. Once you've decided what you want, do your research, read reviews, and ask for recommendations from those around you. While examining the alternatives, be sure to compare whether the project management tool you choose will better meet your and your team's needs. We recommend trying alternatives that offer a free trial.


Be sure to encourage other members of your team to try the project management tool of your choice. Afterward, it is very important to get feedback from your team. Ask your team if they like it or what they find missing and try to learn. After getting everyone's feedback, explain why you decided on this tool. Instead of trying other alternatives right away, give the selected project management tool some time. For example, keep using it for a month. Then re-evaluate the previously made decision and make sure the tool is the best for you and your team.

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