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Best Software For Remote Workers

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Work-life can be challenging for remote workers. Best software for remote workers can be very helpful at this point. For remote workers, such software can make it feel like they are working side by side in the office, as well as easing the conditions of remote working.

When you work in the same office environment, your communication with your teammates or colleagues can be strong and effective. Because you can understand the gestures and facial expressions of the person next to you very clearly and you can reach the person you want very quickly. However, remote workers can turn this deficiency into an advantage by finding the best software for themselves. Recently, due to Covid pandemic, most companies have switched to remote working model. It can be said that working remotely has increased tremendously due to less stress, the convenience of working from home, the ability to set your own work schedule, and better time management.

As companies have also experienced the benefits of working remotely, many have realized that working remotely is the best way to work. Of course, there may be some disadvantages of this working model for remote workers also. In particular, one of the biggest problems of remote working is the lack of communication and visibility according to surveys. But you can solve these two big problems with the project management or team management software you choose. In addition, you can increase your work performance and productivity. The important point is that you choose the best remote work software for you.

So what is the best remote work software?

Remote work software is a tool that helps you communicate and collaborate on projects wherever your team members or colleagues are. In order to make remote work the easiest, remote work software offers features such as;

  • Secure file sharing,

  • Project management,

  • Communication/cooperation with the team,

  • Resource management,

  • Reporting, conferencing, and instant messaging, etc.

It is very important that the remote work software you choose easily integrates with various other software to make your transition smoother and to enable projects. Because some of the remote workers can use more than one solution. Being able to integrate them leads to increased productivity and performance.

Best software for remote workers; PeerBie

Thanks to the right software, you can solve all the disadvantages of working remotely. What you need to pay attention here is to find remote work software that meets all your needs for your business to be more efficient. For this, we will tell you about the best app for remote workers; PeerBie.

PeerBie enables remote workers to perform their tasks in a timely and optimal manner. Thanks to the deadline feature of the application, workers know when they need to submit their tasks and projects, and they can also track how far they have progressed. PeerBie is also a very good app for teamwork. In teamwork for a project, team members can easily track their tasks and plan their days through the to-do list. All these features are the features that should be in an application used by remote workers.

You can use the PeerBie application which is developed for your personal and team needs from both your mobile devices and computers. In this way, anyone who works remotely can follow their work wherever they go. You can also assign tasks to your employees, teammates, or partners via the app. You can track how far you have progressed in the tasks you have assigned, and you can also determine when it will end. Thanks to all these, you can easily follow up your work even if you work remotely.

In addition, it is possible to overcome the lack of communication which is seen as one of the biggest disadvantages of remote working through PeerBie. You can quickly communicate with your colleagues with the instant message, feedback, and commenting features offered by PeerBie. Also, you can hold video conferences with this tool, which can be integrated with other applications.

You can create separate channels for each team or project and communicate privately in these channels. It is possible to protect privacy by establishing private or group conversations with PeerBie. You can also securely share your files shares with relevant people through these channels. If you are a remote worker, you should definitely try PeerBie, which includes many features in addition to all these features we mentioned!

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