Best Trello Alternatives
Best Trello Alternatives

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Best Trello Alternative For Organizing Your Work

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Trello is one of the simple and effective tools for planning future steps but you may start noticing that it is not enough and you need a Trello alternative. However, as your business grows and work expands, you might realize that Trello’s features are not comprehensive for successful progress and organizing different projects. If you feel like you cannot follow your tasks or organizing needed plans for the business and team you need to look out for new software.

You need Trello alternative because:

While it might have been a useful option for you early on, you can realize that Trello is not quite serving your needs as the scope of your projects is expanding. In fact, you’re probably here because you’re searching for that option right now. Does any of these sound familiar to you?

The interface is not enough

Trello is based on Kanban-style boards, where you have boards visually depict work at various stages. Kanban-style using cards to represent work items and columns to represent each stage of the process. It may be easy and helpful for teams to visualize task progress, but the problem is it's a very simple system. It does not show the status of a project or the priority of tasks. Kanban board may not be suitable for different departments of your business. For example, content editors would prefer the Kanban style for task management, the flow and simplicity may be useful. But teams that using advanced agile projects, such as marketing and development, Trello may be limiting.

Insufficient tools for project management

If your project needs advanced tools, Trello may not be the fit for you. You can’t attach tasks to subtasks and see a whole view of how one delayed task will impact others in the line. Trello makes it difficult to assigning team members to a task since you cannot add multiple team members to a task. If you have multiple or complex projects, organizing your work may be difficult without a Trello alternative.

Not a space for team management

Trello is good for collaborating and managing simple tasks, but for organizing a workspace you need to actively follow the members of your team. At one point or another, you will need different solutions for communicating through process. Consider a Trello alternative that allows you to keep in contact with your team.

Can’t measure performance

Trello does not have reporting and analytics features. It is not efficient for managers to use project and team management software if they cannot see how well their team performs or get actionable insights related to projects at a higher level. You can add reporting tools by using a Trello Power-Up, but it’s not useful like having built-in reports.

As a manager or a team leader, you will need a Trello alternative to measure the performance of your team members to organize your future work.

Best Trello Alternative: PeerBie

If you are looking for the best Trello alternative for organizing your work and team projects, PeerBie is the all-in-one software for you. With Peerbie you can create projects and monitor their progress, manage tasks, control reports to have a more organized workflow.

Organize Your Work with PeerBie

PeerBie has the best qualifications for you to categorize your tasks and plans. Listing your steps is the first step of getting organized. You can easily reach your ‘To-Do’ page with PeerBie and put your work in order with the option of seeing your tasks as a list, plus, you can group them according to their subject. Trello does not give you the option of arranging your tasks by dividing them into categories.

  •  As a Trello alternative PeerBie lets you make your personal 'To-Do' list while you creating different lists for departments or subjects. You can follow the tasks by filtering them as all tasks and completed tasks. PeerBie allows you to archive your prior works, you do not need to think about saving them in a different file on your computer!

  • When you started a new day in your work, knowing the current situation of the project is important to organize your day. By daily team dashboards, you can see who is active in your team, how many tasks are closed or open. It can be seen how much of a job has been completed instantly or which parts are in planning. This will allow you to plan more comfortably for the next process. Trello does not help when you want to follow the work activity without needing another software which is why you need a Trello alternative. PeerBie meets all needs you want to organize your work.

  • Collaborating across teams and departments is not easy with Trello. Whether it is one-on-one or group messages, create conversations or posts across teams and departments. PeerBie solves this problem by having a channel-based real-time communication option such as having private and team chat options.

  • Employees can monitor their performance with a point ladder, managers can review performance reports periodically which are automatically prepared by PeerBie. Having analyses of your performance will save you time from organizing what actions you should take for improvement. Another way around, as a manager, you can organize the tasks by knowing the analytics of the last month, giving you the opportunity of communicating with your employees rather than spending your time creating a chart by yourself to measure the next steps.

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