How Much Does Project Management Software Cost?
How Much Does Project Management Software Cost?

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How Much Does Project Management Software Cost?

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It is a known fact that project management software tools are more efficient for organizations of all sizes. However, when it comes to price, some companies may have problems standing out. However, the fee paid can be amortized using a vehicle suitable for the organization. In this case, how to choose the appropriate business management tool for the organization? Here is everything you need in our blog post!

What is Project Management Software?

Project management software is digital platforms that help manage the processes necessary for a business to survive. Not every business management software provides the same services, some only provide communication and reporting opportunities, while others can only facilitate task management.

A business management software that is selected and used in accordance with the organizational structure can make serious differences. According to PWC, digital project management software improves performance and 77% of high-performance projects use project management software. Project management tools enable more planned and faster work thanks to technology, allowing even high-intensity projects to be easily managed.

If a project management software chosen in accordance with the needs of the organization is used effectively, it not only increases productivity, but also greatly helps to protect your company culture, manage the workload, and improve performance evaluation.

Cost of Project Management Software

When it is decided to use project management software for more efficient project processes, one of the first things that comes to mind is cost. There is a lot of ready-to-use project management software. But these software programs provide different services for different needs.

Project management software is priced according to the possibilities they provide. On average, prices can vary between 5 USD and 25 USD per person. The factors that generally determine the cost of a business management software are:

  • Number of users

  • Usable as web page or app

  • Integrations

  • Working area

  • Project/Team limit

  • Reporting

  • Team communication

  • team collaboration

  • storage space

  • Large file sharing

Project management software is a very broad field. There are those that offer very simple services, as well as those that offer comprehensive services. Therefore, it will be easier to examine by grouping.

Software Suitable for Individual Use

The software suitable for individual use are quite simple and useful programs. They provide basic features such as task management, time tracking, Gantt chart, file sharing.

It is very suitable for the use of small businesses or freelancers managed by one person. Examples of this type are Todoist, nTaskManager, and the individual version of Trello.

Some of these types of software are paid, while others are free, but some features may require a fee to unlock.

Software Suitable for Small Business Use

They are more comprehensive programs than software suitable for individual use. In addition to task management, they also offer services suitable for collaboration and teamwork. They are cloud-based systems that are easy to install and use, and can be used flexibly.

This type of software is for small businesses with multiple people, small teams. Applications such as Asana and Easy Projects can be given as examples of this type.

Its cost is relatively low. There are so many options, they can be selected according to the organization. This type of software generally works with a subscription system. Packages can be purchased as part of the monthly price, but some additional modules may require additional payment.

Software Suitable for Medium-Sized Businesses

It is a type suitable for the use of medium-sized and constantly developing organizations with approximately 50-200 employees. It is generally used in sectors where a prepared product is sold more than once (such as software products).

Uninterrupted communication, collaboration tools, large file sharing, analysis and reports, resource allocation are among the services offered by such software programs.

The software, which is suitable for the use of more comprehensive medium-sized businesses, is cloud-based and works as SaaS., ClickUp, and Wrike are examples of such software programs that work with a subscription system.

Software Suitable for Large-Scale Businesses

This type of software is suitable for organizations that have a large number of employees and carry out their projects internationally. Comprehensive software, which are cloud-based systems, are flexible and rich programs that provide most of the features a large business needs.

Most project management software vendors also offer packages for large organizations, but that doesn't mean they're suitable for every organization. Therefore, pricing is based on the organization's requirements, not the number of users. There is no fixed price, often customized quotes are made., Zoho Projects, and Planvies Clarizen are examples of such software.

How to Choose a Project Management Tool?

The right tool must be chosen to reduce the cost of the project management software and ensure that it can pay for itself by increasing efficiency. In order to choose the right tool, first of all, the requirements of the organization should be well understood, and then the right software program should be selected with cost and performance comparison.

For example, let's say you have a translation company. Your business process is progressing with freelancers, and you are working on a project basis. In this case, you may need different information such as communication, the stage of the translation, which tasks have been completed. A more efficient work can be achieved if the software program you will use offers services such as team collaboration, communication, storage, and task management. No time is wasted with unnecessary e-mails, long meetings or reviews, sending files. On the other hand, there is no need for services that support processes such as problem management and human resources for this job.

Check out our article "How to Choose a Project Management Tool?"  for a more detailed guide.

Pros of Using PeerBie as Project Management Software

PeerBie is a cloud-based business management service for small, medium and large businesses.

With PeerBie, you can create teams and projects, set up chat rooms, hold video conferences, and create collaborative to-do lists. PeerBie also cares about the individuality within the team, allowing you to create a personal to-do list, organize your calendar, and store your files.

Being the assistant of a good leader, PeerBie also enables the leader to successfully manage the workload by helping to learn the availability status of his employees and assign tasks accordingly.

With PeerBie, it is much easier to monitor and manage processes such as job follow-up, performance evaluation, product management, and arrangement of customer relations.

Unlike its peers, PeerBie, which is quite comprehensive, aims to get maximum efficiency with minimum cost.

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