How to Get Motivated Outsourced Team in 4 Steps
How to Get Motivated Outsourced Team in 4 Steps


How to Get Motivated Outsourced Team in 4 Steps

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Many businesses struggle to motivate outsourced team. Although working with outsourced team has many advantages, this is one of the main disadvantages. Businesses give deadlines to these teams and they create their own schedule to complete the tasks. They have the opportunity to work during weekends or weekdays. But, it doesn't help them to get motivated.

There are some obstacles that prevent working efficiently with outsourced team and it badly affects outsourced teams' motivation. Let's see some of the examples together.

What are the Obstacles Working with Outsource Team?

From some perspectives, working with outsourced team doesn't have any flow. But, this module has some disadvantages. Businesses can get rid of these advantages when they take the correct steps. Before checking the correct steps let's mention which disadvantages it has.

  • Lack of connection

Outsourced team often doesn't feel belong to the office as an office workers. In the end, it results in inefficient working caused by being isolated. Activities that will make these employees feel connected should be held at regular intervals.

  • Missing deadlines

Not all outsourced team works productively. Although they schedule their day with the hope of completing their task, they come across some problems that prevent them from doing their work. Here, the attitude and professionalism of the outsourced team are very crucial. Unless they schedule their time productively, they willnıt be able to get motivated. Businesses can arrange training to develop time management skills.

  • Lack of Control

One of the biggest obstacles to working with outsourced team is a lack of control. Business owners and managers always have the chance to monitor the results but they can not monitor the process unless they work with efficient digital tools.

  • Low Motivation

Motivation is the key to success. Many outsourced team is having trouble increasing their motivation because they are aware that it affects their efficiency. But, here business owners and managers have the responsibility to keep their motivation high. Let's learn the 4 steps to keep outsourced team motivated.

What are the 4 Steps to Keep Outsource Team Motivated?

Solving a lack of motivation solves all the other problems in business. As we said lack of motivation is one of the biggest problems that outsourced team is struggling with. And it is the reason why they sometimes lose their control to work efficiently. Here, we will be sharing with you the 4 steps to keep the outsourced team motivated.

Always Give Feedback

Do not hesitate to give feedback to remote workers if you do not like the achievement. You can prepare a feedback structure that you appreciate their work and encourage them to do better.

Many remote workers experience that they keep sending their work and do not achieve any feedback. And, they end up losing their work with the explanation that their tasks are not done properly. Isn't it very disappointing for remote workers?

Respect their Flexibility

Engagement doesn't come with strict working hours. Remote workers need the flexibility to achieve success and feel belonged. It is one of the reasons why they prefer to work remotely.

Give outsourced team time and observe. Unless you stop controlling their time you will not achieve any success. It will put a big distance between the outsourced team and the business. For example; notify that when they need a holiday they must tell you one week ago for you to schedule the work. So, both will you be happy.

Celebrate their Success with Bonuses

What does a business owner or manager wish at work? They wish to keep their achievements. So, it is essential to celebrate success with prizes. For example; one of your outsourced team accomplished a successful project planning. If the regular payment for project planning is 30 dollars, you can increase it to 50 dollars. The outsource tea will see your appreciation.

Be sure that you treat everyone in the same way. If someone achieves success do not forget to approach the same way.

Communicate and Respect their Culture

It is very significant to know your outsourced team. Take time to know their culture. Be sure that you communicate with the team efficiently.

Do not be prejudiced for them to apply their own business ethics, communication styles, and quality control. Here, it is very critical to trust your team. When you trust that they have the knowledge you will feel more relaxed to give them the time they can apply their own work ethic. Also, respecting their culture naturally increases their motivation.

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