Prepare Effective Orientation Training in 8 Steps
Prepare Effective Orientation Training in 8 Steps


Prepare Effective Orientation Training in 8 Steps

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Orientation training is very crucial for the new employees and the company itself. It doesn't only get the new employees used to the work environment, but also it presents the company's perspective which is critical for growth. Nowadays, companies are aware of the importance of orientation training. However, they may find it difficult to bring an ideal mix of activities together to help engagement. Before, starting to share the tips for excellent orientation training let's learn what orientation training is.

What is Orientation Training?

Orientation training is a smooth transition for new employees into their positions. Orientation refers to the process by which companies introduce the employees to their positions, responsibilities, colleagues, and the company's perspective in detail. A good structure orientation training contributes a lot to the new employees. With the help of that, they become more comfortable and engaged within the company. They also make their questions clear by directing them to the responsible ones.

Why Should Orientation Training be Prepared Meticulously?

We said that orientation is a smooth transition for new employees into their positions in the company. In this process, they understand the policy and requirements of the company, and their roles are explained clearly. It is also very beneficial to give training in groups, so it will be certain that the information is shared with everyone. It will prevent the likelihood of misunderstands.

A well-prepared orientation training is important because;

  • It provides accurate information about the company's purpose to new employees which makes them more comfortable and confident.

  • It encourages new employees to adapt to their roles faster. By that, they increase their self-confidence and it brings more success to their work.

  • It enriches communication between supervisors and new employees.

  • It helps new employees to direct their questions to supervisors.

7 Steps to Create Effective Orientation Training

We mentioned the importance of orientation. To achieve the desired results, companies must prepare the training with great attention. Otherwise, it can result in disappointment both for the new employees and the company. To prevent any undesired result, 8 steps to have an effective orientation must be taken into consideration.

1. Welcome the New Employee

In the first days in the new working environment, new employees can be very anxious. Here, the trainers must show their skills to ease the anxiety. It will help them to welcome greatly and always have their smile. Having an agenda for the employees can be helpful, as well. By that, they will know what are they going to do in the other step.

Another critical point here is trainers should escort them around the office to be sure that they are introduced to everyone. Lunch can be arranged for all the team to get to know one another better.

2. Provide Employee Handbook

A handbook covering each detail an employee can need is life-saving for the new employees. For example; pay periods, direct deposit, payroll deductions, health insurance attendance, dress code, alcohol policy, phone use, break hours, and everything the company thinks new employees should know must be included in the handbook.

3. Mention the Policy

The first thing the new employees must know is the policy of the company. It is very essential to avoid any embarrassing movement an employee can do accidentally.  The trainer must mention the general rules. For example; parking, break hours, dress code, and some other essential etiquette.

4. Cover All the Details of the Job

Explain what they are supposed to do in their jobs. It is very important for new employees to know what they are expected to do. Knowing what is expected greatly helps them to trust in the company and themselves.

5. Have Depth Discussions

For certain, the supervisor must appear at training to observe the employees and the perfect moment is discussions. Discussions are the best way to learn about the employees and encourage them to involved. However, the critical thing here is to get employees comfortable. They must feel it, they will not be judged and they are free to direct their opinions freely.

6. Define the Goals

Without clear goals, new employees will never know where to direct themselves. Set the goals that the company desire. See if they are aligned with the employee's goals. Be open to taking their advice about getting closer to the goals and what is their perspective about achieving these goals.

7. Do not Rush

Do not rush to see the results. As we mention in the beginning, the first days at work are always anxious. Causing of that, employees probably will not show their inner talent in these first days. Take your steps slowly. Give time to them. Also, do not forget to set the right tone. The right tone will help them to get motivated and inspired which is very significant for a productive work approach.

8. Get Advice From Colleagues with PeerBie

Last but not least is asking advice from colleagues about the subjects which are needed to be covered. Here, colleagues will contribute to a great extent to what the new employees need to learn as they pass through the same experience. How to ask for their advice? To make it professionally and productively get help from PeerBie.

You can open the collections file, edit the title as you like, and share it with your colleagues. Inform them that you need advice for amazing training for the new employees and will be happy to have their opinions. Do not forget that dream work always comes with effective collaboration.

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