The Benefits of Time Tracking Software
The Benefits of Time Tracking Software


The Benefits of Time Tracking Software

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Time tracking allows you to understand how and how many hours you spend your time in your personal and business life. In addition, businesses use such time tracking tools to measure how long their employees are working on projects or tasks, making it easier to generate bills and finance payroll.

Tracking provides numerous benefits for your business and personal life. Thanks to cloud-based time tracking software, you can quickly enter your time on any device and keep it tracked, wherever you or your team are. Through such software, many companies can easily measure team performance and productivity on the job and better control assigned tasks. You can also offer opportunities for improvement by tracking how an employee spends their time on task. With a tracking app, it is also possible to determine which employee has difficulty or is better in projects or tasks.

A time tracking software should have the following features;

  • Tracking time and taking notes

  • Ability to track billable hours

  • Analytics

  • Reporting

Today, with the development of technology, companies are abandoning paper documents and notebooks for time management and turning to software. Manual time tracking, which was preferred in the past, was made by taking notes with pen and paper, and therefore it took a lot of time. But with the spread of tracking apps, you can process your data quickly and easily on your mobile devices or computers. If you are a task manager, it becomes much easier to keep track of hours and you can get reports faster.

Benefits of Time Tracking Software

Tracking software is indispensable for people who are hourly wage workers, and professionals who charge their clients hourly or weekly usage. It is also key to staying productive by keeping track of how you spend your time in your personal and business life. With this software, you can easily observe your employees or teammates and their productivity. In addition, tracking apps can be used at home individually to measure how much you work on the tasks assigned to you!

So why should you use this software? In today's post, we will tell the benefits of time tracking software.

Boost Productivity

One of the benefits of time management software is that it gives you all the data you need to evaluate the performance of your team or colleagues individually. You can see which of the assigned tasks takes more time and you can take action to increase efficiency. Thanks to time tracking tools, you can observe the workflows of your employees or colleagues and make improvements. For instance, seeing where your teammates are experiencing problems allows you to create strategies to help your team be more productive.

Time management software gives you all the data you need to evaluate the performance of your team or colleagues individually.

In addition to these, being able to track your work hourly improves your concentration and increases your efficiency. You can even challenge yourself by competing to complete a given task faster than your colleagues or teammates.

Increase Accountability

The responsibility of knowing that they will report time makes employees more focused on their tasks. At this point, everyone makes better use of their time, which increases productivity. Employees know that they are responsible for their actions, as this type of software will provide oversight over the working hours.

Provide Transparency

You also make your work process more transparent, by providing information about your completed jobs and deadlines. In addition, with this transparency, you can start to prioritize your work better by understanding which tasks are secondary. You can increase your productivity by regulating your workload. Additionally, you can set an estimated time for each stage of a project and easily track what stage the project is at. In this way, you can achieve both accountability and transparency with a single software.

Improved Project Management

Time tracking software shows how long it takes teams to complete tasks. In this way, teams can calculate how they should progress on projects. Through the app, managers can better prioritize future projects based on team capacity. Additionally, tracking tools can summarize all project information to help you manage your costs and provide improvements. These types of apps will tell you how many hours each person in charge of a project has achieved a task, allowing you to set your schedule to a more realistic time manner.

Also, one of the advantages of time management tools is that you can keep track of all the meetings, projects and feedback. In this way, you can easily analyze the workflow and notice gaps. For example, why were employees 2 hours late in completing this task? What slows them down? You will be able to find answers to these questions with a tracking tool.

Tracking Budget

Thanks to time tracking, you don't have to take separate steps to calculate how much of the budget is consumed when completing projects and tasks. You can track how much time is spent on customer work with the tracking app. In this way, you can make invoicing. Also, if you're in a service business, sooner or later it's time to reconsider your pricing. At this point, you can find out when to do the review thanks to the analytics from your time tracking software. And with these analytics, you can organize your in-company resources.

Time spent indicates how much more resources a team or department needs. By tracking resource usage, you can determine how many people in a team or project are involved. If one person works a lot more, it's up to you to redistribute the workload!

Time Tracking Software; PeerBie

Time tracking software can be specialized to meet specific business purposes or personal needs. For this reason, it is very important to find the software that will benefit you or your company the most in the long run. If you are looking for a suitable option, we recommend PeerBie.

First of all, tracking software should have the ability to be installed on everyone's mobile device. You can easily download and start using PeerBie on both your mobile devices and computers. In addition to being an application that your employees or teammates can use safely, it can integrate with other applications you use.

Time Tracking Software; PeerBie

You can also get detailed reports through PeerBie that are easily accessible to anyone within the company or team. You can write your evaluations by accessing personalized working hours and reports. Moreover, you can reward the employee who puts more effort according to his/her work performance. Thanks to PeerBie, you can create a to-do list and make a schedule. By determining when the tasks you assign to your teammates and employees will be accomplished, you can decide who will work and how much. You can track how long you spend with PeerBie and work in harmony with your team. Since PeerBie is a software that improves itself in the field of time management, we recommend you to try it!


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